Why we started?

We created this site give basic science education to students in the formal way. Most of the student not able to relate the science concepts to their day today life. 


How Student learn Science?

Students learn science from the their early education. They learn most of the things from the nature and their surroundings.


What is Science Fair Ideas?

Science fair ideas should start from basic fundamental concept in science and shows relation to the daily activities.

In this site, we formulated new innovative science fair project ideas for school students.

Basic science information also available in this blog.

Science fair idea for kids
Science fair quiz

Asking Question and conducting quick Quizzes:

  • Asking questions are essential part of the learning of kids from classroom. 
  • Conducting regular quizzes in the classroom.
  • It shouldn’t be too long and very short.
  • At least weekly once.  

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