Air Purifier design for science fair projects for 9th grade

      Indoor air is much contaminated than outdoor air. If air circulates in the outer atmosphere, then it gives freshness and liveness. Indoor air needs a purification system, otherwise, it increases adverse effects on the health. We need an air purification system to purify the air. An air purifier with sanitizer kills bacteria, viruses and any micro germs in the air. In this post, we discuss to design air purifier with sanitizer for easy science fair projects for 9th grade.

air filter
Motorcycle air filter for air purifier

Material required for sanitizer gel paste preparation:

  1. Ethanol                               ——–        1L
  2. Aloe vera gel                      ——–        500 gm
  3. Acetic acid (vinegar)          ——–        500 gm
  4. Silver nitrate (AgNO3)       ——–        25 gm
  5. Gloves                                 ——–        12 pairs 
  6. Glass rod                             ——–        one
  7. Beaker                                 ——-         one
  8. Heater                                  ——          one

   Silver nitrate kills most of the virus. It kills all seven strains of coronavirus. you can see more details in our previous blog.

Preparation method for silver ion sanitizer gel paste:

     50 gm of Silver ion sanitizer gel paste preparation can be done in the following steps.

  1. Take 60gm of ethanol and add 0.5 gm of silver nitrate into it and shake well in the beaker with a glass rod.
  2. 35 gm of aloe vera into it along with 14 gm acetic acid (vinegar).
  3. Mix the viscous solution thoroughly with a glass rod and slow medium heating with heater. 
  4. Ethanol evaporates 90% from the solution and finally get viscous sanitizer gel. 

         This sanitizer paste could be used in the air purifier. This information on formulating the sanitizer paste gel is useful for science fair projects for 9th grade. Now we see to design the air purifier.

Material required for Air Purifier design for easy science fair projects for 9th grade:

          We discussed the importance of air purifiers. The following materials are required for air purifier design for science fair projects for 9th grade.

    1. Motorcycle air filter                —–      One
    2. DC battery 12V                        —–      One (rechargeable)
    3. Laptop CPU blower                 —–      One
    4. Epoxy gum                               —–      One
    5. Silver ion sanitizer gel            —–      One      
    fan 23264 1280
    Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay


    Air Purifier design for easy science fair projects for 9th grade:

    1. Take the motorcycle air filter.
    2. Fix it on the laptop CPU blower with epoxy gum.
    3. Connect the laptop CPU blower power cord with a 12 V rechargeable battery.

        It is easy to make this air purifier model. It could be used to purifier the indoor air from small dust particles. Now we look to incorporate the silver ion sanitizer gel paste into an air purifier.

    Siver ion sanitizer gel paste to air purifier:

        The air purifier has the air filter component. This component of the air purifier sucks air from the room. Then it removes the dust particles from the air. Finally, we get dust-free air in our room. In this way, the Air purifier purifies our indoor.

        Silver ion sanitizer gel paste could be pasted on the air filter component with the help of the small brush. After that air purifier dried in air for 2 to 3 hrs.
    At last, we can use the silver ion gel pasted air purifier.

        Viruses and bacteria live in humid and dusty conditions. This type of air purifier design with sanitizer help to treat the germs in an effective manner. A lot of evidence as given below to proof of silver ion anti-viral and anti-microbial activity. This design of air purifier with sanitizer is useful for science fair projects for 9th grade.



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    4. Method for maintaining microbicidal activity of histidine-silver complex in chlorine-ion-containing solution, and liquid antimicrobial composition(WO2012144475A1)
    5. Anti-coronavirus agent (EP1676582B1)
    6. Material safety data sheet of Silver nitrate (AgNO₃)

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