How to Convert Easy Science Experiments into Patent Research [Best #1]

    First, we will start simple things available in our home for easy science experiments. How to convert these experiments into patent research? The chemical reaction takes place everywhere in nature. Generally, chemistry starts in our kitchen.

Why? A natural chemical process such as the complex biochemical synthesis and their interaction with each other on all living creatures including us, photosynthesis in the plant and atmosphere reaction if we are not sending any pollutants into their ecology.

Pollutant means, the compound responsible for or induces pollution directly or indirectly. In our kitchen, we generally use eating things as direct or processed food.

What is the difference between chemically processed and natural food? The food, we get directly from nature is our natural food. It contains high nutrient value as compared with other forms of food.

Do you think, another form of food is processed food that is only coming from the chemical industry? The answer is “No”. When we cook our food, there itself the chemical process started. That is the reason, I stated chemistry starts from our kitchen.

We will discuss cooking chemistry in our future blog. That is the place we commonly use and store edible chemical raw materials.  Now you may ask what are the things available in our home.  Guess it! First, we will use water which is plenty available in our home.

Next,  sugar and then Salt, it is commonly called rock salt. Here I am not going to tell the exact experimentation procedure or methods like conventional books. The blog’s main aim is to share innovative patent research ideas from easy science experiments.

I am not telling or encouraging you to copy these ideas exactly as it is. You need to start all your experiments from scratch. Like our painter analogy, if you have not read it yet, please click the link.

How you will start the Easy Science experiments inside your home from scratch?

Before starting any experiment, we should have some purpose. It may be either small or big. First to learn how to take small steps, before you run for something. If there is a purpose to do something in your life, then your life goes peacefully.

The purpose will be the passion in your life. It is more spiritual stuff. I will discuss this in my future blog. Now let us focus on the current topic. You need to ask yourself what is our end target from this experiment.  First fix the goal of our experiment, then, Keep on changing the goal post for your experiments. Why?

I am pointing you to change the goalposts. Don’t fix for certain results from experimentation. You just keep on changing the goal post. If you do like that what will happen?

Every time you will be exposed to a new area or field. Every area gives new color shades. I mix these color shades, we get a new type of color shades. You get more innovative patent research ideas that no one ever has done or imagined. This is simply called creativity. How to do this? Let’s see.

First, think about what are the different possibilities to experiment in a particular field. In our particular experiments, We get either in the form of the dissolved homogeneous solution as a mixture of all compounds or we will get in the form of a solid mixture.

Yes, You are right. We want a solid out of our current experiment. Here, from our experiments, we get either amorphous or crystalline forms. Amorphous solid means, the atoms are arranged in random orientation or manner in the space. Sudden change in the reaction system gives amorphous solid. If the formation of solid is slow, it will end up with crystalline nature.

How to Convert Easy Science Experiments into Patent Research [Best #1]

Which compound is highly crystalline in nature? 


Diamond is highly crystalline in nature. How it forms in nature? In nature, the formation of a diamond under the earth is not an immediate process. The formation of diamond crystal is grown slowly in bulk form and even the same in nano form also.

If you want to make nanodiamond from bulk diamond by using bombshell is an immediate process. Because it is top to down process, here we are disintegrating bulk crystal.

If you want to form or grow nanodiamond from fuel gas at specific experimental conditions,  it is a very slow process. These slow-forming solids are called crystals. But it is not always the case. There are a few exceptions.

For now, you just assume, crystal forms slowly. Here, we are going to discuss crystal growth as easy science experiments that we can perform in our home.

First, we need to construct a flow chart or mind map for easy science experiments protocol and their possibilities. Now how to reach a final target? If you use a flowchart /mind map in different ways, you will get ideas and different possibilities to reach the final target of our experiment. Now, I will tell you how to construct the flowchart /mind map.

It is given in the following figure as follows. Required items from your home are a soup bowl, hairpin, thread, closure lid, hanger, thermometer, and stove. Now, we are going to construct the table by using a mind map in what proportion we add from the above set chemicals. So, the construction of the table is given in the figure as follows.

Mindmap and flowchart for experiments (Easy Science experiments):

How to Convert Easy Science Experiments into Patent Research [Best #1]
Mind map for easy science experiments

Table:1 formation of sugar crystal in water (Easy Science experiments )

How to Convert Easy Science Experiments into Patent Research [Best #1]
Sugar Crystal formation table

Table:2 formation of sugar crystal in NaCl solutions

How to Convert Easy Science Experiments into Patent Research [Best #1]
Sugar salt crystal formation table

You see, from the figure,  by varying different quantities of rock salt (sodium chloride), you can construct another four tables. You should not leave any coin to unturn. You never know what you will get in the next step. 

Now we are going to execute the easy science experiments into reality by following the procedure.  It is already given in the figure. You mix all specific quantities of raw materials into the bowl.

You will not get a clear solution. Then, to make the solution clear, we need to heat up to the boiling point of water for about 2-5 min,  you will get a clear solution.

In some cases, you need more duration. After getting a clear solution,  you transfer this clear solution into the small sample bottle and label them with the correct notation. 

Keep the sample bottle in a dark place without any disturbance and follow the same procedure for all experiments. You store all the samples and observe them every day.

( Table1 and Table 2. These tables are samples to create your own.)

How to Convert Easy Science Experiments into Patent Research [Best #1]
Easy science experiments: Simple schematic for crystal growth experiments

What are the changes that happen on the sample each day?

Whether the crystals are formed or color changes etc, note down everything in the record notebook as given in the table. Note down clearly from which experiment, you get the crystal and weigh the number of crystals formed.

Check the wet weight and dry weight of the crystal. Now,  the dried crystal you can take for analysis. The easy science experiments are to check the melting point of the crystal.

As you know, the sugar turns into brown color is called caramelization. That temperature you need to note down. You will get different results because the melting temperature of the crystal is directly proportional to chemical compositions.

This result you can present to any easy science experiments as a tabulated form. This is enough for school-level students. That’s all done for the easy science experiments from the home.

How to take these Easy Science Experiments into patent research? 

That is called the art of patent research. We are always stuck. we continuously encounter complex problems. We expect that it will give some breakthroughs in our patent research. In complex problems, there are multiple variables involved.

That you can’t even predict. It is our limitation that we can’t able to solve multiple variables problems so well. In mathematics, if you have two variables, you can’t use the normal differential equation. It won’t work. We need a partial differential equation to solve multivariable problems. It won’t give a single solution to your complex problem.

You need to sit and analyze or guess which one is a possible solution for your problem. It is complete chaos. This what we do in quantum chemistry. It is the field of theoretical chemistry. Theoretical chemistry does well with small atoms or molecules.

If your problems having more variables, it gives more chaos to your problem. If you really want to understand the scientific method, start from a simple problem, then move on to see the chaos. If your fundamental concepts are clear, you will get a lot of buzz moments.

It is simple and easy. We will see how to add more color shades to the simple painting ( easy science experiments) to expo painting (patent research project).

This is an art. My wish is all researchers should know, learn and practice in their daily research activity. If you learn this art, you can convert easy science experiments into patent research. You will get updated detail in our sitemap.

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Easy Science Experiments (FAQ)

How do you make a homemade tornado?

  • You take the transparent water container.
  • Fill the water 3/4 part.
  • Add some washing soap solution and few drops of the coloring agent to beautify the experiment.
  • Then rotate the water with the help of the stick.
  • Now you can see the homemade tornado.

What are some good science projects?

Good science projects should give better understanding about scientific concepts and facts.Science experiments designed with basic concepts and fundamental laws of nature.

Why does the water not fall directly to the bottom of the bottle?

If you are trying to pour the bottle of water to another, it will not fall off. It is due to air lock. Locking the air means creating vacuum. This vacuum not allow water to fall off.

What happened when the bottle was immersed upside down in the water?

Empty bottle having only air. Which is less dense than water. When you immerse upside down in the water, bottle will not go to the bottom. It always tries to float.

How do you make crystals for kid's experiments?

  • Take some amount of sodium chloride and sugar in water
  • dissolve them just before reaching the saturation point.
  • Then transfer this solution into the beaker.
  • Take the small file pin and threaded with stick.
  • Hang the stick just above the salt sugar solution.
  • File pin slightly immerse into the solution.
  • Now keep this solution without any disturbance.
  • Very beautiful Crystal starts grow.
  • If you want colour crystal, you can add colouring agents also.

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