Rainbow Color Order and Optical Prism: science experiments (ROYGBIV)

      During the rainy day with some intense sun gives rainbow. After all, why it formed in the perfect rainbow color order? How rainbow color order arranged in this way? In this article, we focused on generating Science fair Project Ideas from rainbow color order and optical prism. Generally, It is called  ROYGBIV. We will see once we proceed further. From this fundamental science method students can learn the basic concept of light physics and formation of rainbow color order. These science projects are particularly suitable for science fair projects for 7th grade andscience fair projects for 8th grade students. 

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         Nevertheless, it is suitable for a kindergartener to middle school. Because kindergartner use to ask more questions about the rainbow color order. Most of the time they ask the color of the paint. How color comes? when we mix two or more color paints, then? what is ROYGBIV?  etc,. As per Isaac Newton from his Optica book, he mentioned seven colors arranged in the beautiful ordered manner. In classical music, we have seven tunes. In religion books, we have seven heavens.    

Illustration of Rainbow Color Order
Illustration of Rainbow Color Order

        But Sir Isaac Newton got all these colors from his experimentation in the laboratory. Most of the time scientists try to learn from nature or the exact word is the copy from nature, rainbow color order is one of the perfect science method in this regard. But the beauty is that nature will not ask any royalty claim from us. This science method or science projects are completely free for the entire humanity.

What is ROYGBIV?

  1. R  — Red
  2. O  — Orange
  3. Y   — Yellow
  4. G   — Green
  5. B   — Blue
  6. I    —  Indigo
  7. V   —  Violet

          In the laboratory, we get ROYGBIV from the optical prismexperimentation. The optical prism is illustrated with the figure. If white light passes through the optical prism, then it will undergo deviations that lead to the separation of white light into ROYGBIV. This color outcome from the optical prism is very similar to the rainbow color order. How this optical prism converts white light into ROYGBIV? Is this magic?

Diagrammatic illustration of Optical Prism: white light into ROYGBIV
Diagrammatic illustration of Optical Prism: white light into ROYGBIV

       Of course, it is not magic. This is a simple scientific experiment. Optical prism converts white light into  ROYGBIV. How can we prove this statement? with the help of following simple scientific experiment.

Formation of white background from ROYGBIV:

     This a scientific experiment is just the reverse of the optical prism experiment. But it is very simple as compared with the optical prism experiment. The following materials required for this experiment.

Material required:

  1. White background Circular cart     —–        1 no
  2. small remote car motor with
    a set of battery                             —–         1 no 
  3.  All ROYGBIV color sketch             —–         one set

Standard operating Protocol:

  1. Take a white background circular cart and put a hole in the middle.
  2. Make an equal proportion of pies in the white background circular cart. 
  3. Color the pies with ROYGBIV in a similar rainbow color order.
  4. Fix this colored circular cart into a small remote car motor with battery.
  5. switch on the battery connection to the motor.
  6. Rotation of ROYGBIV colored pies give the formation of the white background. 

        The formation of the white background is nothing but the mixing of rainbow color order (ROYGBIV). The mixing of rainbow color order takes place by the rotation of this equal proportion of pies (ROYGBIV). This simple experiment showed the formation of a white background.

Illustration of Circular ROYGBIV into white background
Illustration of Circular ROYGBIV into white background

Information about white light: 

     How the rotation of ROYGBIV color gives white color? This entire color is related to energy from physics point of view. If the color is with high energy in higher frequency vibration, then its wavelength is lower in number. similarly, If the color is with low energy in lower frequency vibration, then its wavelength is higher in number.
     Here red light is falling in the lower energy category and blue light is higher energy category. Their wavelength distributions are listed as follows
  • Red color             —-        700–635 nm
  • Orange color       —–       635–590 nm
  • Yellow color          —–       590–560 nm
  • Green color         —–        560–520 nm
  • Blue color            —–        520–490 nm
  • Indigo color         —–        490–450 nm
  • Violet color          —–        450–400 nm

       As a continuation of our previous experiment, we need to see the rainbow color order formation. we can see more detail with the help of the following experiment.

Formation of Rainbow Color order in the sky:

     How rainbow color order is formed in the sunny rain time? The sunny time needed for the sunlight. Then only we can see things clearly. During a sunny time, water droplets from rain behave very similarly like a small optical prism. These small optical prisms deviate the sunlight. The deviated light comes out as ROYGBIV. This is the physical process for the formation of rainbow color order in nature.

    However, is it possible to make a similar rainbow color order in the home? you need to create a small optical prism of water droplets. We need the following materials to perform our experiment at home. 

Material and things required:

  1. Water spray system    —–    1no
  2. convex lens                 —–    1no
  3. Intense torchlight        —–    1no
  4. Darkroom                    —–    one 
  5. camera                        ——    one

Standard Operating Protocol:

  1.  small dark room to carry out this experiment.
  2.  water spray bottle filled with water.
  3.  torchlight with a convex lens set up.
  4.  switch on the camera for video recording.
  5.  Make sure the intense white light should pass through the water spray.
  6.  Record everything from different angles and note down the same.

  This small water droplet acts like a tiny optical prism. When white light passes through this tiny optical prism, then it deviates white light into ROYGBIV. This is one of the funniest and entertains science experiments for school science projects. You will get more information about science experiments for the science fair and more updates you get from our sitemap.    

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