How to plan the best science experiments for kids [Introduction #1]

         Welcome to the blog of school level
Science Experiments and Science fair Projects for kids. In this blog, we mainly focus on science fair projects for all grade students. you can see more ideas for Science fair Projects for kids updates in our sitemap.
Question and answer of Science fair Projects for kids discussed in our previous blog post. School projects are a wonderful opportunity and gather a lot of experience with science at an earlier age.

       The school-level students start investigating by asking small questions. These small questions take them to generate Scientific Ideas.
Then the students can decide in the field of interest for their future career. If they choose any career, scientific knowledge is a must for them. In this blog, we will continually discuss scientific projects for school level students

How to plan the best science experiments for kids?
science experiments for kids
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 1. What are the school science fair projects for kids all about?

          Someone who really interests in science experiments at the school level will get an opportunity to learn a lot from this blog. Experiencing science is an excellent opportunity, but you will get it only when you are doing science experiments and observing nature.
Many science experts believe that it is nothing but the creativity or innovations of students. Creativity is induced by asking good questions about science experiments.
But, in science, there are no good or bad questions. only we have silly answers. Easy science experiments allow the student to do Science Experiments comfortably.

       Good questions mean logical questions that take them to the next level for their scientific investigations. If they are not moving to their next level, then there is no use of science. To find a new type of solution for current problems in science, this is called innovation.
Then they can report their findings in science fairs at the school level or international level or hackathon etc. It allows the student to show off their creativity and innovation in the field of science. I wish, it may open new doors in their life to generate more Science fair Projects for kids
         Nowadays in schools, not only encourage Science Experiments, school management engages the students through various activities in different clubs. These clubs give the students new scientific and technical advancement in various fields. 
What are these new fields apart from conventional fields such as physics, chemistry, and biology?  it will give more information about science fair experiments. But there is no perfect book on science experiments.
Most of the science books for school level students available in the marketplace related to competitive exams. This will not enhance their scientific curiosity.

     Nevertheless, Real Science curiosity comes from doing Science Experiments and generating new Science fair Projects for kids. The recent technological advancement in the fields belongs to the research areas of computer technology and biotechnological related.
Now, schools form various scientific clubs, which focused mainly on robotics, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things. But the question is ” How nine year old will do the project in robotics?”. Without fundamental knowledge in the field of science, how the kids will do the Science Experiments?.

       At least, we need some fundamental understanding of Science Experiments to complete successful science fair projects for kids.
Please click the above-mentioned link to know more about the tips to do successful science fair projects for kids. If you perform science experiments, then you can generate more Science fair Projects for kids.

        When you read the biography or autobiography of scientists, they won’t succeed in every science experiment. But their continuous efforts inside the laboratory and outside in their mind. Most of the time other scientists don’t believe in their new or innovative ideas.
They criticize and argue with each other like a gang war. But it is a very peaceful war. This argumental war between the scientific groups is required for scientific growth. The student will get a better understanding of when they will do their real school projects.

      Some students/ people will support your ideas, some will always criticize your projects. Don’t give up. If you are getting more criticism means, you are traveling on the correct path. If you play and exercise regularly, you can develop a new skill and good health. If you do a student’s science project, you will get nice opportunities to interact with people’s same mindset and gather new scientific information. 

   Finally, you can cultivate skills such as observing, sorting information with classification, analyzing, and more importantly communicating with others. No matter where life leads you in the future, what you learn by doing these scientific experiments in your projects will help. If you go for higher studies, then it will give you the chance to create innovative Science Experiments.

2. How can you start any science fair projects for kids?

        The first thing is you need to gather the scientific information, which you get today by googling, amazon kindle library for books, etc. if you think about these pieces of information, it will enhance your knowledge in that particular field like you are storing the word document in your computer hard drive.

If you continuously add your data/information into that specific file, it will increase the size of the file. Our knowledge is nothing but the same big file size. How are you going to use this knowledge?. It plays a very important role in your life.

If you can convert your knowledge into profit/product/ new methodology/new business model, then you will succeed in your field. It all depends on ” How are you going to apply this knowledge into your field to create a new field, not just to survive?  

How to plan the best science experiments for kids?


3. How to generate more Scientific Ideas for your “Student’s Science Experiments”?

      Every day read a good book before going to sleep. I am not telling to you to complete it entirely, you will get a new idea by reading it. Like that you will learn more from this blog about science-related project ideas.

At least go through few pages from those books. What did I mean by good books?  A good book means self-development books, autobiography/ biography of scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs.  

      Before going to bed, If you do this regularly for some time, it will become a habit. We all are addicted to habits.

If you want to addict to something, then you addict to some good things or habits. It will return to something best in your life. ” seconds become minute; minutes become hour; hours become day; days become week; weeks become month; months become year;  years become your entire lifetime”.

If you ask me, what is your real wealth?. I will answer ” health and time”. If you are healthy, you show your thanks and gratitude to nature for this. Then you move to time. How to use your time? planning about the utilization of time or scheduling time off work is a very important step in our day today’s life. 

       Now, with this time and knowledge, how to generate new ideas for your
Science Experiments?. For example, a painter wants to create a new type of colorful paint, what painter will do? Painter dreams about it or desires about it or wait for a new type of innovative color that the new type of color will come one fine nice day.

No, the painter will go to his/her painting room, just mix two or more colors. What will happen? New innovative color shades come for the painting. ” patterning these new innovative shades, a painter will get a new attractive structure for his painting that no one has done in the world.

Similarly, you will get new science fair projects for kids when you combine two or more already known thoughts/ knowledge. Like that you will learn more from this blog.

List of Science experiments for kids at home:

If you are interested in any of these above experiments, please comment to us below section.  We will post the experiments in our upcoming blog post.

Science Experiments for Kids (FAQ)

What is the best science experiment for kids?

Colour changing experiments are really good for kids. Like, you put different paint colour in the milk solution. Each colour diffuse in different rate as compare with another. You can picture this experiments with different stages. Best science experiments for kids are listed below.

  • Cloud formation experiments in the bottle
  • Volcano experiment
  • Ice melting experiments
  • Crystal growth experiments

How do you make a saltwater experiment?

Saltwater experiments are very easy experiments to observe the changes in the temperature. Whenever we dissolve the crystals or salt substances in water. It may increase the temperature. In some cases, It may decrease the temperature. It totally depends on the nature of the substance.

If it increases the temperature, then it is exothermic in nature. If the reaction process decreases the temperature, then it is endothermic in nature. You can these experiments with the things available in the kitchen.

Why does salt make an egg float?

Normally ,if you put egg on the drinking water, it will immerse inside. Because the the density of the egg is higher than the water. When we dissolve the salt in the water. It will increase the density of water. Now if you put the egg on the salt water, it will float in the water.

Because, saltwater density is higher than egg.

How can I make science fun?

Kids are always eager to learn new things. Science starts from asking questions. As parent and teacher, we should encourage asking questions. “There is no stupid questions. But off course, there is stupid answers.”

While doing simple science experiments and asking questions, it will cultivate the fun of doing science.

How do you teach science in early childhood?

Science starts from the house kitchen. You can introduce the heat change during cooking the omelettes. How egg white is moving from transparent to hard white? This is happened due to increase in the temperature.

You try to teach the kids learn science with the help of their senses. Our five senses are input for mind, with that it process everything. In our senses, we use seeing and listening most of the time. In science, Seeing or observing played very important role.

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