#5 Best Tips for Successful School Science Fair Project

If you read more books and reflect on scientific methods or scientific projects, then you will get an idea. you should start with simple experiments first and slowly move towards some more advanced science fair project. If you are planning for any science fair project, you should not stick with one problem. Every experiment gives some learning experience to you.

No experiment fails in nature! It tries to teach you that your method is not correct. If your experimental plan is not working, then you change your experimental plan in another way. I am not telling you to change the entire Science Fair Project. I am here to pointing you to change another parameter in the same process. Keep on changing the goal post! Don’t leave any chance.

2. Change one Parameter for any Science Fair Project :

                If you do any experiments in a practical situation, you will get multiple variables. we always try to do experiments just by approximate as one variable, it is required to simplify the problem. In reality, these variables are called parameters for the experiments.

If you try to change so many variables at a time, you can’t conclude from your experiment results. It will create more confusion for you. If you change one variable, you will get a very clear picture of the experiment at the end.

3. Keep the Record Notebook for Science Fair Project : 

You should keep a record notebook in hardbound form. If you want to keep it in the soft copy form for a science fair project, it will be useful for presentation.

You can record with the camera almost all important moments for the Science Fair Project presentation and as a Science Fair Project essay. when you collect the data, note the temperature, humidity, and another parameter varies with the experiments.

4. Write the Best Procedure for your Science Fair Project :  

You should write all the procedures in simple language. you just try to avoid any jargon in your procedure.  It should be step by step and try to explain small scientific facts also. Whenever you are writing the procedure, you try to explain the outcome of the experiment. If you fail also in any experiment, you mention that in your procedure notebook.

Then from there, you ask a question, why do you fail in that particular experiment?. Don’t expect an immediate answer! You just note down these questions with your possible guesses. These guesses are not the correct answer. It will take you near to the truth. If you can near the truth, you achieve more from that particular experiment.

5. List out the Possible Experiments for Science Fair Project: 

Why do you need to list all the experiments? It is already discussed in our previous blog. You should make the list of possibilities by varying different parameters. From this list of possibilities, you can design the mind map, from that you can construct the number of tables. More Science Fair Project could be planned with the help of these tables. I am repeating one more time, each time you should change one variable. Don’t ever try experiments with multiple variables.

      From mathematics, it is not easy to solve two variables differential equations. This equation will give always multiple solutions. This is called complex analysis. If you simply do your Science Fair Project, you get a better solution for your problem. In the long run, you will understand it in a better way. If you are going to solve one problem, multiple problems will pop up from your one problem. The art of doing science is to convert these problems into your ideas for future projects.

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