+60 Best Trivia Questions and Answers on Bird’s Quiz

+60 Trivia Questions and Answers on Bird's Quiz

    Trivia questions and answers are good for kid’s IQ development and learning common sense-related problems. In this blog, Quizzes and science fair project ideas discussed for the benefits of pre-middle-high school students.

     The following trivia questions and answers are designed to engage with their parents for learning. Kids learn from their parents in their early childhood. These Trivia questions and answers help them to learn about birds and their function with parents. 


Trivia questions and answers: Birds Quiz

Birds Quiz with +60 trivia questions and answers for kids (Homeschooling). Do you want to know more about birds? Take this quiz and find out about birds.

1. What is the fastest bird in the world?

a. Eagle

b. Vulture

c. Peregrine Falcon

d. none of these


2. The smallest bird egg is about the size of.

a. a lemon

b. a gooseberry

c. a pea

d. a grape


3. Where pelicans store their food more than their stomach.

a. mouth

b. stomach

c. pouch just beneath their bill

d. none of these


4. Which is flightless bird from the following:

a. penguin

b. ostrich

c. kiwi

d. all of them


5. Which is the strongest bird ?

a. vulture

b. harpy eagle

c. owl

d. ostrich


6. Which bird is the king of the sky?

a. pigeon

b. eagle

c. crow

d. peacock


7. Baby swans are called as ---- .

a. duckling

b. chicken

c. cygnets.

d. none of them


8. What is the name of the swimming bird?

a. king fisher

b. duck

c. parrot

d. pigeon


9. Birds do not have -----.

a. ears

b. legs

c. teeth

d. nose


10. Which one is the tiniest bird of all?

a. bee hummingbird

b. king fisher

c. finches

d. none of above


11. Which bird is sleeping in caves during the day and flies at night.

a. bat

b. owl

c. oilbird

d. all of them


12. Bird's feathers are made from.

a. calcium

b. keratin

c. vitamin

d. magnesium


13. The second largest bird in the world lives in the Australian outback.

a. ostrich

b. kiwi

c. emu

d. pelican


14. A flock of chickens is called?

a. a peep

b. a murder

c. a kid

d. a cub


15. Which bird's eye is bigger than its brain?

a. kiwi

b. chicken

c. emu

d. ostrich


16. How many different sounds chicken can make to communicate?

a. 100

b. 150

c. 200

d. 250


17. Which bird enjoys living with pair?

a. doves

b. lovebirds

c. parakeets

d. all of them


18. Male duck name is ------.

a. duckling

b. drake

c. cob

d. stallion


19. Which bird stands on their eggs to keep them warm?

a. owl

b. swallow

c. pelican

d. turkey


20. Which bird can run up to 25 miles per hour(40 kph)?

a. ostrich

b. wild turkey

c. emu

d. all of them


21. Which bird that can fly backward and upside down?

a. swallow

b. crow

c. raven

d. hummingbirds


22. A flock of crows is called?

a. a group

b. a murder

c. a kid

d. a peep


23. The bird known for its deep red color and uses its long beak to probe

for insects in the mud.

a. toucan

b. flamingo

c. peacock

d. scarlet ibis


24. Which bird has heart-shaped face?

a. barn owl

b. hardy eagle

c. pied falconet

d. red kite


25. What is the size of the Eurasian eagle owl?

a. around 70 cm

b. around 75 cm

c. around 80 cm

d. around 85 cm


26. What is the sensitivity of Eurasian eagle owl's eye?

a. one time more sensitive than the human eye

b. two times more sensitive than the human eye

c. three times more sensitive than the human eye

d. four times more sensitive than the human eye


27. Which bird has more feathers than any other bird , roughly 25,000 ?

a. ostrich

b. peacock

c. tundra swan

d. emu


28. Which bird has the lowest sound of any bird?

a. hummingbird

b. woodpeckers

c. cassowary

d. kookaburra


29. Which bird is unable to fold their wings?

a. turkey

b. chicken

c. penguin

d. kiwi


30. How many known bird species around the world?

a. about 1000

b. about 2000

c. about 10,000

d. about 1,00,000


The second set of Trivia questions and answers: Birds Quiz  


     After finishing the first set of trivia questions and answers, you can engage the kids with advanced trivia questions and answers as follows.


31. Which bird has only two toes on each foot?

a. peafowl

b. owl

c. bowerbirds

d. ostriches


32. Why Flamingos stand on one leg?

a. to catch its prey

b. to keep warm

c. to balance its weight

d. none of them


33. How Flamingos get their pink color?

a. by birth

b. from the algae and shrimp they eat

c. from the place they are living

d. none of them


34. Why some birds are using silk from spider web?

a. to catch its prey

b. to hold their nests together

c. to protect its baby from enemies

d. all of them


35. Which one of the following birds is able to make and use their own tools despite having no hands?

a. owls swallow

b. bowerbirds

c. New Caledonian

d. brown headed cowbirds


36. Which bird has the longest wingspan of any bird up to 11 feet (3.5m)?

a. wanderingalbatross

b. raven

c. eagle

d. vulture


37. Birds beaks and feet vary according to -----.

a. diet

b. way of life

c. both of them

d. none of them


38. What is the name of an african grey parrot, had a vocabulary of more than 200 words and sounds?

a. peregrine falcon

b. brown thrashers

c. Einstein

d. hammerkop stork


39. Which bird can eat as much as their body weight in one day?

a. raven

b. kiwi

c. hummingbird

d. woodpecker


40. Which bird has the largest eyes of any animal that lives on land ?

a. raven

b. ostrich

c. cardinals

d. owl


41. Which one of the following animals is called “ Honorary Mammals” ?

a. ostriches

b. Emu

c. kiwi

d. none of them


42. Which bird was used for millennia to deliver messages?

a. eagle

b. pigeon

c. parrot

d. swiftlet


43. How much acorns a woodpecker can store in its own tiny hole?

a. up to 500

b. up to 5,000

c. up to 50,000

d. up to 5, 00,000


44. Which is the only bird has the unique quality of contagious yawning?

a. parrot

b. sparrow

c. bassian thrushes

d. parakeet


45. Which of the following bird is flesh-eating bird?

a. eagle

b. vulture

c. hawk

d. all of them


46. A beak is also called ----.

a. bill

b. rostrum

c. both of them

d. none of them


47. Why flesh-eating birds have strong, sharp and hooked beaks?

a. for its beauty

b. to tear flesh of other small animals

c. to make loud noise

d. to fight with other birds


48. Which bird's beak helps them to poke holes into the hard trunk of trees and pull out insects to eat?

a. sun bird

b. hummingbird

c. woodpecker

d. vulture


49. Which bird has a broad and flat beak with a hole on its sides?

A. heron

b. duck

c. crane

d. stork


50. Flesh eating birds like eagles and vultures have very sharp claws known as -----.

a. perching

b. talons

c. streamlined

d. none of these


51. The coming out of young one from an egg is called -----.

a. hatching

b. perching

c. producing

d. delivering


52. A bird has wings that help it to ----.

a. keep warm

b. sit

c. fly

d. both a and c


53. The upward and backward movement of wings is called -------.

a. upstroke

b. downstroke

c. both of them

d. none of them


54. What is downstroke?

a. the downward and backward movement of wings

b. the upward and forward movement of wings

c. the downward and forward movement of wings

d. the downward movement of wings


55. Which bird lives in ice and makes its using pebbles and stones?

a. snow geese

b. snow bunting

c. penguin

d. snowy owl


56. Which bird makes its nest by using its beak as a needle?

a. weaver bird

b. tailor bird

c. sun bird

d. woodpecker


57. Which feathers are used for flapping, providing and help in changing the direction during flight?

a. body feathers

b. flight feathers

c. down feathers

d. all of them


58. What kind of feathers a newborn bird has a lot ?

a. body feathers

b. flight feathers

c. down feathers

d. all of them


59. What is the use of the body feathers?

a. to keep warm

b. for flapping and fly

c. to cover the exterior of bird's body

d. all of them


60. what is the unique quality of birds?

a. eating food

b. drinking water

c. hatching

d. flying


Answers :


  1. c. Peregrine Falcon

  2. c. a pea

  3. c. pouch just beneath their bill

  4. d. all of them

  5. b. harpy eagle

  6. b. eagle

  7. c. cygnets

  8. b. duck

  9. c. teeth

  10. a. bee hummingbird

  11. c. oilbird

  12. b. keratin

  13. c. emu

  14. a peep

  15. d. ostrich

  16. c. 200

  17. d. all of them

  18. b. drake

  19. c. pelican

  20. b. wild turkey

  21. d. hummingbirds

  22. a murder

  23. d. scarlet ibis

  24. a. barn owl

  25. b. around 75 cm

  26. c. three times more sensitive than the human eye

  27. c. tundra swan

  28. c. cassowary

  29. c. penguin

  30. c. about 10,000

  31. d. ostriches

  32. b. to keep warm

  33. b. from the algae and shrimp they eat

  34. b. to hold their nests together

  35. c. New Caledonian

  36. a. wandering albatross

  37. c. both of them

  38. c. Einstein

  39. c. hummingbird

  40. b. ostrich

  41. c. kiwi

  42. b. pigeon

  43. c. up to 50,000

  44. d. parakeet

  45. d. all of them

  46. c. both of them

  47. b. to tear flesh of other small animals

  48. c. woodpecker

  49. b. duck

  50. b. talons

  51. a. hatching

  52. d. both a and c

  53. a. upstroke

  54. c. the downward and forward movement of wings

  55. c. penguin

  56. b. tailor bird

  57. b. flight feathers

  58. c. down feathers

  59. c. to cover the exterior of bird’s body

  60. d. flying

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