Best Trivia Questions on Animals Worksheet (Questions and Answers) [#1]

       Trivia questions on animals are discussed here in this post.  Before taking anything further, we need to under and get some pieces of information about animals. Animals are living along with us on this planet earth in the forest.

    Some animals are our pets. We stay with them in our homes and consider them as our family members.  Examples of pets are dogs, puppy dogs, cats, rabbits, some monkeys, etc., But other category animals live in the dark forest region. They are considered to endanger pieces. 

     There are many more forest animals on the earth. It is not possible to discuss them all in this one post. The best example of forest animals are tigers, lions, panda bears, different varieties of snakes, etc. They all are considered endangered animals. 

     Animal changes their food chain depends on where they are living. This branch of study is called Ecology.  We will discuss them in our upcoming posts. Not only that their biodiversity is different from one another with respect to their forest.

    Biodiversity is the real beauty in this world. Like humans, Europeans are having different looks as compared with Asians. Africans are having different from Europeans. This different due to biodiversity in humans. But we all are one human race. 

   Tiger from India is different as compared with Siberian Tiger. The monkey from Japan is different in look as compared with the monkey from the Indian forest region.  They all are unique with a huge biodiversity. 


Trivia Questions on Animals Worksheet: Homeschooling

         In this post, we are going to see Trivia Questions on Animals Worksheet with Questions and Answers. It is useful for the kid’s animal quiz for grade 2 (homeschooling).


Best Trivia Questions on Animals Worksheet (Questions and Answers) [#1]
1. What is the fastest animal in the water?

a. shark

b. sailfish

c. whale

d. jellyfish
2. Which is is the slowest fish in the water?

a. dwarf seahorse

b. starfish

c. jellyfish

d. tortoise
3. Which animal is the slowest one in the world?

a. tortoise

b. sloth

c. seal

d. crocodile
4. What is the name of a group of lions?

a. colonies

b. cub

c. pride

d. groups
5. What is the name of female elephants in a group?

a. cows

b. colonies

c. pride

d. coalitions

6. What is the name of baby goats?

a. cub

b. kids

c. cows

d. kiddo
7. Which one is using its whiskers to find food in dark muddy water.

a. snail

b. catfish

c. sailfish

d. octopus
8. How do Giant pandas scare off their enemies?

a. bark

b. tweet

c. whistle

d. sing a song
9. How do Jaguar hunt?

a. in packs

b. alone

c. both a and b

d. none of them
10. A baby rabbit is called?

a. doe

b. buck

c. kid

d. kitten
11. Polar bear's skin color is -----.

a. brown

b. black

c. white

d. black and white
12. Which bird can fly backward?

a. bluebird

b. eagle

c. owl

d. hummingbird
13. From where rhinoceros horn grows?

a. skull

b. skin

c. tail bone

d. spinal bone
14. Which animal's teeth never stop growing?

a. giraffe

b. zebra

c. camel

d. donkey
15. What color is Hippo's sweat?

a. red

b. blue

c. white

d. yellow

Trivia Questions on Animals Worksheet -Answers:

  1. b. sailfish
  2. a. dwarf seahorse
  3. b. sloth
  4. c. pride
  5. a. cows
  6. b. kids
  7. b. catfish
  8. a. bark
  9. b. alone
  10. d. kitten
  11. b. black
  12. d. hummingbird
  13. b. skin
  14. b. zebra
  15. a. red

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