What makes Ice Melt fastest in different surfaces

   What makes ice melt fastest? it is a very interesting question. Ice is very common thing in our refrigerator. Here, we see the detail process of ice melting. Water is the only abundant molecular species that stay in all three states of matter. We keep our vegetables and meat in the frozen section of the refrigerator. generally, it takes time to unfroze these items. Then we ask, if we add, what makes ice melt fastest? what make melting of glaciers?. It is the basic science concept, we can use them in our school level science projects.

What makes Ice Melt fastest depends on its surrounding materials
melting of glaciers

The existence of Ice in nature:

   In nature, earth geological map is not the same in all places. some places are above sea level and some other places below the sea level. In some areas, it stays as in-plane with sea level. The existence of ice depends on the climate and geological conditions. The existence of ice on the earth in from snowfall. This snowfall produces glaciers.

   What are glaciers and ice caps? How they for nature? why snowfall comes into nature? what is the reason some places get snowfall and some other part won’t get? We try to see one by one. Our climate condition starts the earth’s rotation around the sun. Because of our rotation, we get different climate conditions. If the earth is near to the sun, we get into summer day and hot climate.     

  If the earth is far away from the sun, we get winter climate with snowfall in the polar region. As I told earlier, these glaciers formed from snowfall. Most of the rivers originated from these huge ice caps and glaciers.

Causes of melting of glaciers:

      What are the causes of the melting glaciers? it is mainly due to air pollution. Among all types of pollution, this pollution comes in the first place. Because due to huge industrial growth in all developing countries, industries release pollutant gases into the atmosphere. Even though, government agencies have strong policies on their paper form. Most of the developing countries not effectively implementing it into the practical ground.

     How fast are glaciers melting? what we learn from polar ice caps melting history? what is polar ice caps melting facts? these are the main questions environmental scientists looking for solutions. We need to protect them. It is the duty of all humans. Our major surface water resources from glaciers ice caps.

    Moreover, we are seeing the effects of melting glaciers on the environment. One of the main effects of melting glaciers is the increase in sea level and climate change with ice cap melting. Climate change ice melting is one of the biggest problems for the environment. The detai studies required for climate change ice melting effects. In the upcoming school science project, we try to understand the behavior of ice melting. 

What makes Ice Melt fastest depends on its surrounding materials
Melting of Ice cubes

Science fair Project Idea-1

     Here, we are going to design an Easy science experiment from the things available in our home. Ice is the main material for our experiment here. But we need the following materials

Materials Required:

  1. Same size ice cubes       –  12 nos
  2. Copper plate                  –  one
  3. Steel plate                      –  one
  4. Glass plate                     — one
  5. wood plate                     — one
  6. cardboard                      — one
  7. Stop Clock                     — one 
  8. Thermometer                 — One

Standard Operating Protocol for ice melting experiments:    

  1. Take the nearly same size and a weight ice cube for all experiments.
  2. Take one ice cube and put it on the copper plate surface.
  3. At the same time switch on the stop clock.
  4. Check the room temperature and humidity.
  5. Note down, everything carefully in the record notebook.
  6. Circle the time of complete melting of an ice cube into liquid.  
  7. The same experiment repeated three times.
  8. Check the same experiment with a steel plate surface.
  9. Check the same experiment with a glass plate surface.
  10. Check the same experiment with a wood plate. 
  11. Check the same experiment with cardboard.

Observation of ice melting experiments:

      you can observe different time duration for ice melting with respect to the surface of the plate. But it also depends on the room temperature and humidity. you can measure room temperature with a thermometer. However, it is difficult to measure the humidity of the air.

     The best practice is to search for the weather condition in your local area. It gives some more data which may useful for your school project experiments. Like, the wind flow information is useful for the any scientific project related to ice.

     This scientific experiment could be repeated throughout the year for about all four seasons. It is highly recommended. Otherwise, you perform all your school fair project experiments for about two seasons completely. You can present your data in the science fair as a poster.     

   In this blog, we mainly focus on science fair projects for kids, 3rd, 4th, 5th,6th, 7th,8th and 9th grade students. you can see more project ideas updates in our sitemap.

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